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About NGHS

about nghs

  • History

    Taipei Municipal Nan Gang High School (NGHS) was founded in 1968. It's located at the corner of Section 6, Zhongxiao East Rd. and Shiyoung Rd., Nan Gang District, Taipei City. The total area of the school campus is 11.12 acres ( = about 45,000 square meters). After 30 years of development, the campus and facilities are excellent.


    < >1967 It was first known as a division of 'Sijhih High School, Taipei County'. 1968 changed the name to “Taipei Municipal Junior High School”. Mr. Hsian-lin Lee was the 1st principal at that time. He constructed the eight-period building project.1973 finished 99 general classrooms, 13 offices, 1 factory of 4 rooms, a room of security guard, four dormitories, the Chinese Garden and the playground.1973 founded resources classroom for disabled children.1975 founded night school for people who have not finished junior high school curriculum.1976 The '6th period ' building project was finished.1978 The '7th period ' building project was finished.1979 The student activity center was finished.1980 Mr. Lee left the school and Mr. Je-Jie Lan (2nd Principal) was the successor.1981 An indoor swimming pool and the facilities of the student activity center were finished.1985 Started to build the Science Building for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computing, English Typing, Audio- Visual courses, and Social Studies , and a large conference room.1987 Mr. Lan retired, and Mr. Suei-mu Chen was the successor (3rd Principal), still focusing on cannibalize the facilities of the school.1993 Miss Su-hsien Hwang was the successor (4th Principal).1996 Mr. Yao-wen Lin was the successor (5th Principal).1998 Mr. Deng-fang Wang was the successor (6th Principal). 2003Miss Yueh-o- Hsu became the 7th successor.Back to Top



  • The experience of the School

Taipei Municipal Nan Gang High School was founded in 1968. In recent years, our students participated in the programming design, literature, arts etc. especially in swimming and gymnastics. Furthermore, we work hard to eliminate sexual discrimination and integrate high-tech facilities with teaching. In addition, we cooperate with Academia Sinica, deeply combine with the community and develop the features of our school.

  • Features of Education
    • Academic Totem -- Academia Sinica. We cooperate with Academia Sinica, letting our students expand their learning fields.
    • Future of Information Science -- Nan Kang Softwares Park. Because we are near the NKSP, the resources are abundant. Advocating the use of internet is the significant element of our life and future success.
    • Wide Vision -- Improving language abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We hold English contests ,such as English Modern Drama, and advocate listening to English radio programs every day to build up a great language learning environment.
    • Sources of Vigor –Combing sports, health, and learning . We help students develop a good habit of exercising. And we offer training for students having athletic talents.

  • Developing Targets
    • Vigor
    • Multi-Dimension
    • Distinguished

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  • Alma Mater


  • Location








  • Photography< >The Entrance






    < >Garden / School Yard報喜鐘花園一腳花園一偶春天花園春天花園景致百花綻放美麗的校園美麗校園一偶校園一偶花園美景操場椰林大道


    < >Building 教學大樓樓梯間美術教室外美術教室內向陽走廊向陽藝廊向陽藝廊全景教室一偶


    < >Teaching Support Center教學資源中心視聽教室校史室藝文走廊


    • Swimming Pool


游泳池正面 游泳池穿堂