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Taking over and running the school with a core “Education of Love and a Thoughtful Care” by focusing on a humanity-based education and practical education for promoting a “holistic educational” philosophy, and also by campaigning “Nan-Gang high school first”, “appreciating the children and rewarding success” in anticipation that the teachers can act as the beacon in the children’s lives, steering every child to his/her success. Respecting each student’s uniqueness by inspiring each student to explore their own malleability; “seizing innovation and grasping change” by emphasizing dually on humanity and technology, a quality creative teaching approach by incorporated a refined educational philosophy in running the school for achieving the vision of creating a “dynamic, diverse and excellent” school, and instilling a warm campus culture of “students first, teachers count, parental participation and community recognition”, where the student body and the faculty put forth their collective efforts in jointly creating a “win-win school”.



icon2.gifSchool Information:

Xiangyang Road, Nangang District, Taipei ,Taiwan
icon2.gifBus Information:
Take the public buses 212, 240, 281, 284, S1, S3, S5, S13, BL12, BL15, BL20, BL21,
BL22, BL36 to stop 'Nan Gang High School'. Or take 203, 205, 276, 28, 306, 311, 51,
605, 629, 668, 675
to stop 'YuChen Elementary School' and take a walk about 8 mins.
icon2.gifMass Rapid Transit:
Take Blue Line
to the terminal station 'Kunyang' exit 4






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