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General Affairs

General Affairs  Office

    In order to help students learn with pleasure, the Office of General Affairs cooperates with other offices and builds a learning environment which enables students to develop themselves based on their potential.
Each office in Nangang High School is in charge of different areas such as teaching, learning, and counseling while we focus on planning, designing and building educational hardware.
     Our work aims at constructing a stage for students to bring their talent into full play. During this process, we always act as a supporting role behind the scene. Nevertheless, the Office of General Affairs has become indispensable to Nangang High School. 
Our work includes building and maintaining the learning environment and facilities for education or research purpose. All the property of school such as various documents, files, income statement and contracts are kept here as well. We provide service to everyone as if we are a big family. Besides, our regulation system is based on honesty and we treat each student or staff fairly. Moreover, we improve the environment to ensure everyone’s safety and convenience in the school. We do our best to benefit others and provide service actively. We hope everyone can take school as their second home.
     In addition, we efficiently plan and make use of the available space. We hope to reach sustainable school development through creating high quality and distinguishing characters for Nangang High School as well as providing a safe, friendly, and convenient learning environment