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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Office

2008-2009 School Year Administrators and Assistants
Telephone: (02)27837863, Fax: (02)26546870, Website:

* Professional teaching
* Multi-dimensional innovating
* Adaptive learning
* Enthusiastic servicing

1. Academic Dean,Academic Affairs(Ms. Chung-Ju Pai) 教務主任 白瓊如主任 
* Teacher Recruiting 
* Staff Evaluation
* Teaching Assignment 
* Department Policy and Administration
* Teaching Planning 
* Faculty Meeting & Subject Teacher Meetings
* Official Substitutes Arrangement 
* Supervision of Classroom Instruction

2. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Section(Mr. Po-Heng Chen)教學組 陳柏亨組長 

* Curriculum Arrangement for Junior  
* Scheduling (Students, Teachers, Testing) for Junior
* Textbook (Teacher’s Edition) Selection for Junior 
* Subject Teacher Meetings for Junior
* Examination Arrangement for Junior 
* Workshop Arrangement for Teachers for Junior
* Remedial Program for Junior 

3. Director of Educational Research (Ms. Yu-Ting Wang) 實驗研究組 王鈺婷組長 

* Curriculum Arrangement for Senior  
* cheduling (Students, Teachers, Testing) for senior
* Remedial Program for senior 
* Textbook (Teacher’s Edition) Selection for senior
* Examination Arrangement for senior 
* Teacher Substitutes Arrangement
* Workshop Arrangement for Teachers for senior 
* Subject Teacher Meetings for senior

4. Registrar (Mr. Hsiao-Fang Yeh) 註冊組 葉曉芳組長 
* Student Entrance Procedures * Scholarship
* Registration * Grading Policies
* Graduation Requirements 

5. Director of Equipment Section (Mr. Yu-Hao Pan) 設備組 潘昱豪組長 
* Location and Purchase of Textbooks and Teaching Materials 
* Special Subjects Labs or Classrooms Management
* In charge of Department equipment budget process
* Purchase of Textbooks 

6. Director of Information Systems Section (Ms. Ling-Chuan Tai ) 資訊組 戴伶娟組長 
* Computer Technology Consultant 
* Computer Lab Maintenance
* Computer Workshop Coordinator         
* Department website maintenance
* Purchase of  computer equipment & software