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Entrance Info

 Entrance Information

  • Junior Entrance Info

    About 320 students register Nan Gang Junior High School every year. Most of the students are graduated from

Nan-Gang, Yu-Cheng, Xi-Xin, Dong- Xin…etc. elementary schools. Due to our great efforts on educationm,

more and more students enroll in our school each year. Besides, characterized with athlete classes, we contain

well-disciplined swimming and gymnastic specialists, winning prizes in various competitions.

  • Senior Entrance Info

Student Recruitment of Application

---Goal:To attract the students who have

                learning potential and special abilities

---Members & Numbers:general department

---Qualification of Application:

       1.The applicant should at least take the 

          "Basic Competence Test" and meet the standard of 130 points combined by the subjects of Chinese, 
                 English and Math.

       2. The academic performance will be judged by the committee.

       3. The one with strong ambition is gualified, even without any extra curricula experience.

       4. Special qualification: we strongly welcome the applicants with the following experience

           --win prizes from the contests held by Ministry of ED or any related firlds, such as Chinese

           Speech Contests, English Speech Contests, Music, Arts, and soon.

Recruitment of the Athlete Class

  ---Goal:provide students with alternative classes to learn and cultivate their abilities in swimming and gymnastics.

  ---Members & Numbers:general department swimming for 8 people (male) and 8 people(female)  gymnastic for

                                        1person(male) and 3 people(female)

                                        Totally: 20

 ---Qualification of Application:

                1.The total scores of Basic Competence Test should be at least 70.

                2.The academic performance will be taken into consideration.

                3.No request of any recommendation.